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Code Of Conduct


  • "These retreats or online workshops are for the flowring of goodness with self observation and self observation is done by our own efforts, no one else can do this for us. So we do not believe in any authority but only on cooperation with each other and sharing insights. It is our own responsibility then to bring in this sense of sharing and a continous inward watching. Therefore this course will suit only those willing to work seriously on themselves. Let's remember few points to enable a conducive atmosphere ourselves and others. "

  • The sessions will begin on time. We would encourage all to be present by themselves and not need reminders. 

  • In the free times it will help if we can have the least communication, as it will only help us to look inward and be with ourselves during the course. 

  • No drugs, alcohol, or other intoxicants, sedatives etc should be brought to the site, those taking medicines or drugs on a doctor's prescription should notify the teacher.

  • For the health and comfort of all students, smoking, chewing tobacco, and taking snuff are not permitted at the course.

  • Participants are kindly requested to make do with the simple vegetarian meals provided. If there are certain restrictions for health conditions please inform us.

  • Let us all take great care not to disturb other's learning and self exploration and also be mindful of not taking any distractions caused by others.

May the above information help you to make the most of this course. We are grateful for allowing us the opportunity to serve you. 

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