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Aranyak is a platform where free dialogue can take place on questions directly related to the life of meditation, relationship, love and sorrow. There is no urgency to reach a solution but to communicate, in that, learn the art of observing ourselves in such a skillful way that solutions keep coming out in daily life, bringing about a revolutionary change in the outlook of life.

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Speaker & Poet

Dharmraj’s role on the Aranyak stage is only that of a 'medium'. A 'medium' is someone who can lift curtains from the deepest questions of life. The medium has no fixed answer. After all, there are no fixed answers in the dynamic science of life. 

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About Aranyak

The word Aranyak means: 'that which takes place in the forest'.

In ancient times, explorers of the inner world would journey into dense forests, deep in conversation with each other. There, still immersed in the dialogue of life, in the secluded forest, the word 'Aranyak' was born, to indicate all the innovative unknown, unknowable that transpired between them. 

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