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Reply to a friend on conversion.

Respected XXXX,

Hope this will find you in good spirit and health! I have gone through the video that you have recommended to see, by sending the link. It was about a Hindu person getting converted voluntarily to Islam. I wanted to write you a letter and send it by post instead sending it via WhatsApp briefly, effectively and perhaps that's why to the point, as to how I am feeling and living! I wish to tell you that since many years, I have lost the interest in any religion to that extent that in The Hindu religion as I am borned to the Hindu parents. Having also interacted with the persons of different faiths and religions including Hindu religion, reading a lot, experimenting a lot, I could sense that the religious beliefs, faith, practises and rituals do not bring the real transformation of the mind and there by the way of life. It appeared to me that real and true understanding of my own thoughts only helps really to ward off the conflict, sorrow, suffering and grief. At the most you can be helped by such persons as a friend. That way I was lucky to have such friends. Thinking and thoughts are the culprit for they give continuation to the problems.If one can see the with great dedication, without any choice and efforts, for it is just to observe.This is very difficult though but possible. Thinking is that when one thinks with minimum interruptions from the memory which includes all experiences, knowledge including spiritualized and religious ones..I do not want to elaborate or go deeper in to this, but feel it's enough to say this much and I don't have any doubts. By means of only self awareness, it's really possible. No thoughts and thinking is not the goal but both the activities can take place while you are both aware and sensitive, at the same time. From the childhood I was rebellious and hesitant to accept anything without knowing lst hand. When grown, I was very fortunate to interact with the teachings of J Krishnamuti and having met many persons interested and living by self knowledge, my search for higher truth ended and I fell upon the unexhaustible foutain of joy within Myself. I do get disturbed for problems and situations for a while but it dies sooner as there is learning that why I am holding back that the things should happen the way I wish or want. Well there are losses, setbacks, but I could die to them sooner or later. There is no point in evading self observation and instead,v stuffing up oneself with any kind of spiritual or religious knowledge or that in engaging any kind of activity as the really that way the problems or difficulties are suspended but not really resolved. If a Hindu gets converted to Islam or a Muslim gives up Islam and becomeos rebellious, or that a Muslim gets converted to Hinduism, it is their choice and the life. Since I am not searching neither salvation or mukti nor heaven and bliss that's not a problem. I have seen endless videoe⁸s of people getting converted from Hinduism to Islam and the otherwise. There are those who have left the Islam calling it outdated or criticising it the way they have felt. Here few says that Queran E Majid is halfway. They include Muslim scholars even apart from those who are doing comparative religious studies.As I said since I am not searching explanations of any kind it's alright if such things exists in the society. You know very well that U tube offers possibly everything! But there is one thing, not only the human.beings but all living things and non living things are related to each other. As an individual I am just an energy and my individuality is an imposition over it. This energy is without any borders, timeless, infinite, nameless. One's thoughts are the hindrance to be in touch of that. The freedom is the first step to feel this and no way it can be separated from the daily life.So the real transformation is being in the present moment and thats too without any help from outside and on your own. I do not wish to carry what I experienced, lived, passed through, so no luggage anymore. By luggage I mean the psychological luggage. It seems to me that only this way I remain learning about myself and thus this seems the only key to be free of conflict, sorrow and suffering both mental and physical. Let the world be as it is. I want to learn about myself as a first and last thing and not improve the world, the chaotic, ruthless, competitive and aggressive!!!!!!! The life is everything, both love and God. The great treasure of happiness is buried in oneself only.. Sincerely MAHESH BHANSHALI

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